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We expect all applicants to provide full and honest information upon loan application. Applicants should advise us if they believe their financial circumstances may change and if that change would affect their ability to repay. We expect to be advised of any changes in personal details such as address, contact phone numbers, and income.

We Want to Help! If you have questions about our Online Loan Application, speak to Speedy Cash Customer Support personally at 0808 168 3652.

You Have Options! If you would prefer to visit one of our Speedy Cash Stores for a Cash Advance TODAY, you can still use our Online Loan Application. After your Loan is approved, simply choose the Cash at Store pick up option.

Payday Loan representative example: Borrow £100 for 30 days.
The total charge for credit is £29.
Interest is fixed at a rate of £29 per £100 borrowed for the loan period. Annual interest rate 348%. The total repayable is £129. Representative 2115.69% APR.

Flex Loan representative example:
Amount borrowed £150 18 month instalment loan
Interest £645.78
Express payment option £0
Total cost for credit £645.78
Total amount payable £795.78
Interest rate 348% per annum
Representative APR 2054.15%